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The Rise of Homo- Erotic Advertising

Scandalous. Controversial. Provoking. With the taboos of homosexuality finally slipping away it seems like the advertising world is trying to flaunt the issue as much as they can. Gone are the straight lace old fashioned views of sexuality in advertising and now, progressively more campaigns are featuring a cheeky kiss between couples of the same sex.  Continue reading

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Agyness Deyn: The Queen of DM’s!

Not only content with being one of the most distinguished fashion models of our time, it seems Agyness Deyn is dabbling in design,  to produce a limited-edition collection in collaboration with shoe brand Dr. Martens.

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Juergen Teller Fashion Photographer

Infamous for his overly exposed and  controversial images, photographer Juergen Teller is best known for his work with fashion icon Vivienne Westwood in her advertising campaigns. With his unique style combined with Westwood’s creative flair the shoots work perfectly at expressing the pairs quirky sense of humour.

Teller is most famously recognised by the edgy and humorous Spring/Summer 09 campaign starring Pamela Anderson, shot in a London studio and also featuring the designer Vivienne Westwood alongside her husband Andreas Krnothaler.

He has worked with many designers on their campaigns including Helmut Lang and Marc Jacobs. Teller’s photography work has been very influencial and he has been an inspiration for many.

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