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Fill Me In!

shot 5.

A final year university shoot as part of a magazine. The theme was 80’s street style with a little bit of inspiration from Rita Ora and The Fresh Prince. The readers were intended to fill the backgrounds in with whatever doodles they wish, the poses of the models set up to inspire them!  Continue reading

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Meet Jenya Vgyuzov

Meet Jenya Vyguzov, an elusive Russian artist who is behind this stunning range of mixed media collages. Combining a range of real life portraits as well as digital animation he focuses on transforming humans primarily into insects and animals, although more recent work has a large focus on floral elements. Continue reading

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De Castelli Salone del Mobile 2012

Italian brand De Castelli has collaborated with several designers to produce a new EDITION range for the 2012 Salone del Mobile Fair in Milan.

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Tucked away and hidden down an old passageway is Ding Dong Vintage, the first vintage shop to appear in the centre of Durham City. The quaint city centre has been long awaiting this shop, which opened in September 2009 to coincide with the return of the university students.

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Trend Board: Trend Predictions 2012

In my second year at University, I was required to produce trend boards outlining 4 main trends I thought would be strong in 2012.

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Valentine’s Day 2012: Product Round Up

Currently on placement at trend forecasting company WGSN, I recently completed a product round up report for Valentine’s Day. It is live on their website which is used by many businesses and top companies in the fashion and trend industries.

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Vivienne Westwood/Jeurgen Teller/Pop Magazine Inspired Shoot

This was my university project where we were set a brief to style and shoot a fashion photography advertising campaign suitable for magazines. My group was required to design a Vivienne Westwood style shoot; the clothing, facial expressions and poses had to reflect this…well known for her controversial campaigns.

Jeurgen Teller was the photographer whos style we had to imitate for the shoot, we over exposed the images and created life like fun settings. The final images were edited in Photoshop which allowed the over exposed effect to be highlighted and eyecatching.

Pop magazine was the publication our campaign had to be suitable for, so the target reader had to be considered to insure the adverts would be suitable and effective.

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