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Meggings: This year’s worst trend!


It seems as though the world has finally come to terms with men in skinny jeans, but the fashion world in 2013 has decided to take tight trousers a step too far. Introducing the ‘megging’…men’s leggings! Continue reading

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Meet Jenya Vgyuzov

Meet Jenya Vyguzov, an elusive Russian artist who is behind this stunning range of mixed media collages. Combining a range of real life portraits as well as digital animation he focuses on transforming humans primarily into insects and animals, although more recent work has a large focus on floral elements. Continue reading

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Where Would We Be Without The LBD?


‘One is never over or underdressed with a little black dress.’ Karl Lagerfeld.

From a fashion perspective, the Little Black Dress is the gem that makes the whole world a better place. We all must honour the producers of Breakfast at Tiffany’s for putting Audrey Hepburn in the infamous black dress in 1961, improving the wardrobes of millions of women. Its constant loyalty to wearers is what has made the LBD a staple garment that can be worn repeatedly yet still have the wow factor.

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