Meggings: This year’s worst trend!


It seems as though the world has finally come to terms with men in skinny jeans, but the fashion world in 2013 has decided to take tight trousers a step too far. Introducing the ‘megging’…men’s leggings!

When men started to invade the women’s jean section at Primark, at first we were slightly amazed but we bit our tongues and let them get on with it. However the leap into the comfort of leggings, a girl’s wardrobe staple is cause for concern especially when the next step will be a
skirt… a la the S/S 2010 catwalks.

Androgyny was a trend embraced by women all over the world, the lux tux gave masculine power dressing a feminine edge. With the tables turned however we are now seeing more men edging their way into women’s wardrobes in whatever way possible.

This new fashion statement breaks all the boundaries, with male fashionistas attempting to pull of the look and often failing. Unless the wearer is a model who dons this crazy fashion fad on the catwalk, it is safe to say that the megging is not a good look at all. Despite this however it was slightly endearing to see those ‘trend setting’ fashion followers attempting to pull off this season’s hottest flop on the front row of every fashion week.

Although this is a relatively new trend to reach celebrity wardrobes, some more outlandish celebs like Russell Brand have been wearing meggings for years; although his shabby chic style is not something many aspire to. This garment, which has polled as one of the least liked trends of 2013, is set to stay for a while. Maybe it would be wise to advise any males you know not to be a part of it and stick to skinny jeans-a midway compromise.

The sight of a man in crotch hugging tights is not something we really want to see, let be honest…unless we fancy a civilised night at the ballet. With the rise of the ‘Mantyhose’ also darkening the doorway of fashion maybe it is time that the gender stereotypes were realigned…
well for men anyway!

Should us girls ditch the leggings and leave them to our male counterparts? Not just yet, hopefully this will be another trend that men fail at like Uggs, skirts and the mankini!

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