Trend Focus: The 60’s


The S/S 2013 catwalks were a breath of fresh air with an invasion of pop colours and 60’s silhouettes. Dropped waists, mod colour blocking, short dresses and bold patterns were donned by models and gave a wide range of inspirations from a pinnacle era in fashion. The trend pays tribute to the likes of models Twiggy, Jane Birkin and Jean Shrimpton.

The 60’s was a decade of change, diversity, music and fashion. Self-expression began to emerge and changing the norms became acceptable. Events that occurred during this time changed the fashion and music worlds and are still inspirational today. 1969 saw the first man on the moon…cue the futuristic looking, space inspired clothing and accessories. It was the generation of the baby boomers, the carefree way of life was reflected in the fashions and has inspired this years most nostalgic trend.

With an array of designers embracing the 60’s this season, the transition has quickly occurred from the catwalk to the high street and looks set to be the biggest trend of 2013.

It seems retro has never looked so good, with the trend updated to be perfect for the Summer, maybe it is time for our wardrobes to take a step back in time. Gone are the stereotypical flower power hippy days, with appliqué flowers taking an updated sophisticated look. It also seems like there is good news on the shift dress front with the hems a little higher and the colours and prints more exciting than ever. These perfect staple garments can revamp a whole look and ensure that all you trend setters out there are ahead of the crowd.

The youth revolution of the 1960’s meant that the fashion world changed drastically. The rise of the modern day ‘super’ model came around at this time, with many young girls from the UK becoming icons and gaining recognition on a global scale. Twiggy, one of the new era models is an archetype who still inspires thousands of girls worldwide. She was the supermodel that made many believe that dreams can come true and created one of the most memorable pictures in the fashion world. This highlighted the 60’s as one of the most infamous times in fashion history.


The feminine ideals about body shape changed during this period of time. The voluptuous curvy woman was replaced with the androgynous, waif like ideal which was greatly cherished by the younger generations. This had never been seen before and inspired a lot of change, short pixie cuts were in and femininity was replaced with a carefree, androgynous style.

Make sure you explore all this trend has to offer, take it as far as you want or just incorporate elements into your Summer wardrobe. The sixties was a decade that showed people the possibilities in life, so let see what the trend brings this time round.

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