A Glance at Garjan

Garjan Atwood November 20122

Art director, digital artist, graphic designer, music video editor…take your pick, Garjan Atwood the talented Belgium creative is saturating the media world at an amazing rate.

Garjan Atwood Vogue Italy November 2012

Garjan Atwood is known for creating dark digital art seeped with irony. His images often express grief, despair, isolation and sexual disturbance generating highly emotional statements. The digital images are imaginative concepts with force behind them and are often in cold, metallic colours.

Vogue Italy December 2011

A series of portraits as part of a collaboration between fashion designer Mary Katrantzou and art director Garjan Atwood that were showcased in Italian Vogue this month.

First portrait of the series (5 portraits) by Garjan Atwood

Portrait 2 of the series (5 portraits) by Garjan Atwood.

Portrait 3 of the series (5 portraits) by Garjan Atwood.

Portrait 4 of the series (5 portraits) by Garjan Atwood.

Portrait 5 of the series (5 portraits) by Garjan Atwood.

This is Garjan’s third musical video project of Freaks ‘Earth’ (too sensitive to be pure) produced by Innominata & Underworldesign. The video is completely eccentric displaying every emotion possible and ensures the audience will think emotively.

Below is a still from the work produced by Garjan and Vittoria Regina when they came together to create the triptych “Me><Mento” inspired by the programming of objects (Undo). Undo is the command in many computer programs which erases the last change done to the document reverting it to an older state. A video is available but it is quite disturbing to watch!

Garjan Atwood and Vittoria Regina, Me_Mento

With so much more of Garjan’s work left to see take a look at his tumblr so you don’t miss a thing.

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2 thoughts on “A Glance at Garjan

  1. Totally Fashion says:

    Fashion is all about angles. This is angle fashion at it’s finest. Be it the angered swipe of a maligned painter or the measured drag of a computer designer’s cursor, angles are the sensory product of fashion. Not everyone in fashion gets that. Make no mistake, Garjan gets it and he does it. Not a lot of people seem to at the moment. Angles.

  2. Marine says:

    For those interested in his work, it is now exhibited in an art gallery in Paris. You can see and buy his pictures online at http://www.galerie-sakura.com.

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