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Amazing photography…think the panda tattoo caught my eye!


Fill Me In!

shot 5.

A final year university shoot as part of a magazine. The theme was 80’s street style with a little bit of inspiration from Rita Ora and The Fresh Prince. The readers were intended to fill the backgrounds in with whatever doodles they wish, the poses of the models set up to inspire them!¬† Continue reading

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Essence Of Chic

The Essence Of Chic

Glamour meets Parisian chic in this racy fashion editorial. Combinations of black & white alongside colour imagery really makes the shoot stand out, the androgynous look adds to the powerful visuals.

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Organic Neo-Tech


It seems the trend for collages in fashion editorials is on the rise globally, with Vogue Japan following suit and featuring the the work of Solve Sundsbo. The depth of the images creates amazing visuals for the user and is proving traditional fashion photography is set to change. Continue reading

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Double Take


Double exposure photography is definitely a technique that takes time to perfect, especially when it is mastered in camera like the art work of photographer and graphic designer Dan Mountford. Continue reading

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