Meet Jenya Vgyuzov

Meet Jenya Vyguzov, an elusive Russian artist who is behind this stunning range of mixed media collages. Combining a range of real life portraits as well as digital animation he focuses on transforming humans primarily into insects and animals, although more recent work has a large focus on floral elements.

The infusion of abstract graphics alongside vibrant colours visually creates and combines his passions of fashion, illustration and digital arts. Creating a range of images which have inspired many and are more regularly cropping up in advertising campaigns, this young designer is really taking off and is beginning to be a well-known name worldwide.

Collaborating with designers and magazines his work is really up and coming in the design world, even designing the lookbook for the Russian Mercedes Benz Fashion Week designer, Nikolay Krasnikov. Focused around extravagant architecture the clothing reflects the theme Vgyuzov has layered up behind it, so audiences don’t just see the garments but the story and feel behind them.

Vgyuzov also previously designed a campaign for Russian magazine SNC, where he created a mixed media editorial to showcase perfumes. The inspirations around these were based on the scents within each of the perfumes, which has been visualised through watercolour florals.

Iconic buildings from global destinations are also incorporated throughout the beautifully finished images, ensuring his works future success on a global scale. Although he has dabbled in commercial work, he takes the most pride in the designs he has done simply for pleasure.

Jenya is definitely an emerging artist to look out for as it is clear there is so much more to come. To get a better feel for the inspiring concepts behind his work, visit jenyavyguzov.tumblrcom.

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