De Castelli Salone del Mobile 2012

Italian brand De Castelli has collaborated with several designers to produce a new EDITION range for the 2012 Salone del Mobile Fair in Milan.

Ginko by Marco Zito is a collection of leaf sculptures, constructed of natural shapes, materials, textures and colours. The luminous leaves are designed to light gardens by reflecting light and are finished with stainless steel, cor-ten or maistral steel.

Old craftsman’s workshops are the inspiration behind Mastro by Gumdesign. An acid-etched iron sheet is folded to hold the two firwood trestles, which form the base of the deconstructable table. The visible slot becomes the focal feature of design, with the self-storage of the table providing a practical element. The Mastro table uses simple forms and minimal materials to construct a compactly designed, easily stored, functional work table.

Volume by R&D De Castelli is a library for treasured books that mimics a safe. It prevents the contents from being damaged by the weather and dust. The cubic design allows Volume to become a multi-functional object within the home acting not only as a bookcase but also as a shelf. Natural looking aesthetics occur due to the combination of different wood and metal finishing’s on the external armour.

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