Paper Monster

Chaotically bringing together a variety of textures and diverse papers; PaperMonster creates ironic and intricate stencil arts. Influences ranging from, bold eye-catching pop art to people walking down the street, the artwork tries to create an interactive image that captures an emotion or moment.

The inspirational stencil works originally began from the ‘PaperMonster’s’ curiosity of what he could make with his own hands focusing on beauty and emotions, which then escalated to a desire of becoming a recognised stencil artist.

The exotic prints are regularly seen as street art, tailored to charm the audiences of different locations. The artwork’s primary aim is to motivate and inspire those who see it, with the intention of the magnificent displays being for the audiences to have their own interpretations of what they see.

You can view more of PaperMonster’s artwork and projects at

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2 thoughts on “Paper Monster

  1. Amazing color and texture.

  2. kristaskrede says:

    One of my students used your work as inspiration for their work. It was nice to stumble upon your blog and realize that. Your work is really interesting.

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