Bela Borsodi

Recently whilst trawling the blogger-sphere, I stumbled upon the photographic genius of Bela Borsodi. Drawn in by the quirky, brightly coloured, range of photographic styles; it is obvious Borsodi possesses an uncontrollable creative flair.

Through the compellation of graphic design, craft and fine art, his work offers a surreal style of imagery that brings the product to life.

Born in Vienna, Borsodi’s passion for photography began in the 1990’s when friends asked him to do photography for their magazines. His work has become acknowledged globally and he regularly does editorial and advertising photography for many big names in fashion, including: Vogue, Wallpaper Magazine, Hermes and Selfridges.

‘I love making things and putting things in an unusual context, incorporating various visual languages coming from art and graphic design-eroticism is also a fascination of me that I love exploring.”

2007 saw the ‘Foot Fetish’ story appear in V Magazine, creating a series of very powerful yet sexualised images. Receiving a large array of negative and positive publicity, Borsodi’s campaign was attacked by feminist groups. Raising debates on how fashion photography sexualises and objectifies the female body.

See the rest of Bela Borsodi’s portfolio at

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