Fernando Brizio

Uncontrollable patterns with a sense of faux pas design make up flexibility clothing, by Portuguese designer Fernando Brizio.

By meticulously inserting multi-coloured, felt tip pens into pockets of a white dress, a spreading ink effect is created. This washes out, meaning the designs can be redone multiple times, resulting in every pattern and result being unique. The idea behind the dress, is that the wearer puts the pens into the pockets just before going out, the pattern then bursts into messy bloom of colour.

The rhythmic sequence of ink splodges makes up the under cherished designers’ Giotto series, which is named after the brand of pen he uses. Not only creating a dress Brizio has used the same techniques to created multi coloured original vases, no pattern or colour combination can ever be recreated.

Fernando Brizio’s website is currently under construction, however I have attached the link anyway http://fernandobrizio.com/

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