Ted Sabarese Photography

New York born photographer Ted Sabarese has a portfolio that is crammed with unique style and imagination. Not limited to a certain style of photography, he turns his hand to many themed and creative shoots.

His diverse range of experience prior to becoming a full time photographer has shaped and influenced Sabarese’s creative ability. He inspired Lady Gaga with his first project in collaboration with Ami Goodheart, ‘Hunger Pains’ which featured a meat dress very similar to the one she wore in 2010.

The bright and lively 2011 ‘Life is On’, Phonak Campaign for hearing aids won Sabarese gold and bronze in the Swiss Art Directors Club Awards. The aim of the campaign was to demonstrate the visualisation of sound, the costumes are meant to represent a visual that corresponds with a specific sound.

‘This is certainly one of the most downright fun campaigns I’ve ever worked on. Ami Goodheart and SOTU Productions blew my mind with their “Sculptume” designs and builds. And the entire team from Y&R Zurich gave us all such freedom to make it a work of art.’ Ted Sabarese.

Find more of Ted’s campaigns and photography on his website.


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