Origami Eyelashes!

False eyelashes…I have to admit I’m some what of an addict! Now it appears the trend for over-sized, unusual lashes is once again progressing to paper eyelashes!

These decorative, delicate designs come from Chinese paper art, Jian Zhi; blending an element of traditional culture with contemporary design. Origami eyelashes? What will be next? From butterflies to flowers there are many options, so all you eyelash junkies can get something unique for a night out! The eyelashes are available in 11 styles,  each with a symbolic meaning which is rooted in Chinese culture:

Horses: symbolic of success

Peony: for happiness and good fortune

Peach blossom: a symbol of love and romance

Peacock: auspicious and lucky days

Butterfly: free, beautiful and sensitive

Clown: bring the whole happiness

These small works of art are created by Paperself. The lashes come in  two sizes, one longer for the entire eye and other a very small size to accentuate the corners.The only downside of these delicate paper lashes is that the can only be worn once…so you will either have to stock up or use them wisely!


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One thought on “Origami Eyelashes!

  1. Chantelle says:

    No way! Like this is totally out there!

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