Where Would We Be Without The LBD?


‘One is never over or underdressed with a little black dress.’ Karl Lagerfeld.

From a fashion perspective, the Little Black Dress is the gem that makes the whole world a better place. We all must honour the producers of Breakfast at Tiffany’s for putting Audrey Hepburn in the infamous black dress in 1961, improving the wardrobes of millions of women. Its constant loyalty to wearers is what has made the LBD a staple garment that can be worn repeatedly yet still have the wow factor.

The fashion world is full of constantly changing trends however; our favourite LBD has stood her ground even throughout great change. Whether it is maxi, or mini, strapless or a line, the nations favourite has been there for us girls helping us look to glamorous at any occasion.

It is often said that blue is the new black or that you need a bit of colour in your life, but the LBD proves these theories wrong. Sexy and sophisticated all rolled into one, the most essential item in any woman’s wardrobe is also the most versatile. You can easily go from an interview, straight out for cocktails with the girls with a change of shoes and perhaps a ring or two just to add a bit of sparkle.

Now we all know black is not the most exciting of colours, but just like diamonds it certainly is a girl’s best friend! Black is a colour with slimming properties so flatters feminine curves and even flattens out a few of the unwanted lumps and bumps, proving it is not just women who can multi- task!

Apparently we just need one LBD to be a part of our wardrobe…but when the garment is so flawless, why settle for the one.


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