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Look It’s G!

With contemporary garments contrasting against classic interiors and props this photo shouldn’t work…but it just looks so right! The almost controversial feel draws the person viewing the image straight into the paint splatter effect of the prints and mis-matched style. Love it!


Ebba Zingmark

With fashion blogging websites becoming very saturated, finding the hidden gems is time consuming and some what boring! Actually finding those blogs that excel at providing a range of inspirations and posts is something most of us only dream of!  After trawling through these mediocore blogs myself, I finally stumbled upon… one of the top young fashion bloggers of the moment Ebba Zingmark!

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Origami Eyelashes!

False eyelashes…I have to admit I’m some what of an addict! Now it appears the trend for over-sized, unusual lashes is once again progressing to paper eyelashes!

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Andrej Pejic Fronts Dutch Lingerie Campaign

With all the female lingerie models that are available in the industry right now, why on Earth have Dutch department store ‘Hema’ chosen androygnous male model Andrej Pejic to front their lingerie campaign?

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Lauren’s Way?

It was announced yesterday that TOWIE star Lauren Goodger, famed for her fake tan, love rat boyfriend and slightly curvy figure is launching a dress range ‘Lauren’s Way’ at high street store New Look.

She is the latest ‘celebrity’ to jump on the band wagon, following in the footsteps of more established stars Lily Allen and Kelly Brook. Although the range is aimed at curvier women something which is neccesscary in this media affected generation, the range is a bit pricey for the high street even though it has been dubbed affordable!

Wearable and flamboyant, the  collection combines current  trends with the cultural phenomenon TV show that had the whole country hooked…the range wouldn’t be complete with out a bit of Essex style class!

£99.99…. affordable!?

Even though I am not a massive fan of her collection, it is slightly impressive how Lauren is trying to create a name for herself outside of the TOWIE stereotypes. We will have to see how her new venture goes!

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Where Would We Be Without The LBD?


‘One is never over or underdressed with a little black dress.’ Karl Lagerfeld.

From a fashion perspective, the Little Black Dress is the gem that makes the whole world a better place. We all must honour the producers of Breakfast at Tiffany’s for putting Audrey Hepburn in the infamous black dress in 1961, improving the wardrobes of millions of women. Its constant loyalty to wearers is what has made the LBD a staple garment that can be worn repeatedly yet still have the wow factor.

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Drew Flaherty

An up-and-coming freelance designer/artist from Austrailia, Drew Flaherty’s work is made up of lots of post production and editing, allowing the quirky, eye- catching designs to be unique.

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Vivienne Westwood/Jeurgen Teller/Pop Magazine Inspired Shoot

This was my university project where we were set a brief to style and shoot a fashion photography advertising campaign suitable for magazines. My group was required to design a Vivienne Westwood style shoot; the clothing, facial expressions and poses had to reflect this…well known for her controversial campaigns.

Jeurgen Teller was the photographer whos style we had to imitate for the shoot, we over exposed the images and created life like fun settings. The final images were edited in Photoshop which allowed the over exposed effect to be highlighted and eyecatching.

Pop magazine was the publication our campaign had to be suitable for, so the target reader had to be considered to insure the adverts would be suitable and effective.

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Juergen Teller Fashion Photographer

Infamous for his overly exposed and  controversial images, photographer Juergen Teller is best known for his work with fashion icon Vivienne Westwood in her advertising campaigns. With his unique style combined with Westwood’s creative flair the shoots work perfectly at expressing the pairs quirky sense of humour.

Teller is most famously recognised by the edgy and humorous Spring/Summer 09 campaign starring Pamela Anderson, shot in a London studio and also featuring the designer Vivienne Westwood alongside her husband Andreas Krnothaler.

He has worked with many designers on their campaigns including Helmut Lang and Marc Jacobs. Teller’s photography work has been very influencial and he has been an inspiration for many.

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